The New AGCAS DTG Blog!

Welcome to the new AGCAS Disability Task Group blog.

Our group comprises of H.E. careers professionals from across the UK whose aim is to make progress on a range of issues concerning support for disabled students and graduates. We have decided to start this blog for a few reasons.

Firstly, to keep likeminded careers professionals up to date with the group’s work, such as,
– Training events, like the ‘Enhancing your work with disabled students and graduates‘ session next month
– Reports, including the as ‘What Happens Next?’ which details destinations information of disabled graduates across the UK.
– Information resources, such as ‘Working with disabled students and graduates – FAQs’ on the AGCAS website.

Secondly, we hope to use this blog as a place to share experience and good practice from both ourselves, and other practitioners across AGCAS, when working with disabled students.

Thirdly, we intend to highlight any new useful resources, organisations or training events that we feel may be of interest to other careers professionals who share interest in working with students and graduates with disabilities.

If you are interested please stay tuned, sign up, or do whatever people do with blogs, and we hope that you will find this blog useful and/or interesting. Hopefully both!

Mark Allen


4 thoughts on “The New AGCAS DTG Blog!

    1. Thanks Gaynor. We intend to update it regularly and certainly hope that this new blog becomes something useful and interesting for Careers staff all across AGCAS.

      Best wishes,

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