Vacancies on AGCAS Disability Task Group

There are currently two vacancies for AGCAS members on the Disability Task Group (DTG).

We are an active and enthusiastic group and are very keen to welcome new members who share our interest in helping disabled students and graduates.

The group comprises 7 members and meets 3 times a year (once by telephone) to discuss a range of issues connected to supporting disabled students and graduates.

Recent outputs of the group have included:
• an AGCAS video ‘Get that job: a guide for graduates with disabilities’;
• a set of case studies to help practitioners work with disabled clients;
• an FAQ resource to help practitioners keep up to date with issues relating to disability;
• this newly launched blog!

If you are interested in becoming a member of the DTG please submit a short piece (guideline of around 700 words) explaining your interest in joining, any relevant experience and what you believe you could contribute. A Word document would be preferred as submissions will be circulated to group members to read.

Applications should be emailed to Eddie Tunnah (Task Group Chair),, by Wednesday 30th April. Successful applicants will be informed as soon as possible after this date.

The next meeting of the DTG will be held in Sheffield in July, and we hope the new members will be able to join us for this meeting.

Best wishes




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