Worried about getting a good job if you didn’t secure a 2:1?

If circumstances mean you don’t graduate with the grade you wanted, there are lots of reasons to be optimistic about your career prospects –

Graduate schemes requiring at least a 2:1 actually represent a small amount of graduate labour market. Most employers are more flexible. If a 2:1 is needed for a specific industry, research alternative roles you can start in & then progress from.

Many employers are putting more emphasis on what you do outside of studies (e.g. voluntary work, societies etc.) rather than just grades, as they want ‘well rounded’ employees. Make the most of these activities in applications .

Over time, your interests and motivations will change. Technology & society changes will create new jobs and others will evolve. It is very likely you will change jobs several times early in your career – you do not need to have a ‘perfect’ job after graduation.

Most jobs are found through networking. Speak a careers advisor about how to do this within your chosen industry. This is potentially a good way to find opportunities regardless of your final degree mark.

There are many free online courses you can do to gain specific skills employers want, such as coding. Research if this is an option for you.


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