Making a good first impression – 5 things you can do before you start work

For many disabled graduates, starting a full-time job can be very daunting. To help, here are 5 things you can do before you start to make a good first impression.

Prior to starting-

1) Connect with new colleagues on LinkedIn before you start. Send a personalised invite saying that you’re excited to work there with them. If you get a message back, consider asking a friendly question such as ‘why do you like working here?’

2) Send your manager (or someone in HR) a message to ask if there’s anything you need to bring on your first day, or anything you would benefit from preparing or reading. 

3) Prepare an introduction for when you meet new people and they ask about you. Consider a short past-present-future narrative highlighting how you’re looking forward to working in the organisation, e.g. ‘I’ve just graduated in A, what I like most about that was B, so wanted to get a job in C. I’m really looking forward to work here because D’. 

4) Prepare specific questions to ask your new colleagues for when you meet them as part of your orientation. It is helpful for building good relationships to understand what each person is trying to achieve in their role, and how your job supports this. 

5) While it’s perfectly normal to feel nervous, if nerves are a serious issue, it’s okay to acknowledge this and look at strategies to manage these. Speak to someone in your careers department if needed.


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