It’s the start of Disability History Month 2020

The theme this year is ‘Access: How far have we come? How far have we to go?’.

Disability History Month (UKDHM) is a chance to look back at progress made, but also an opportunity to think about challenges, both new and deep-rooted, that still need to be met.

UKDHM is now in its 11th year. I’ve noticed many universities are set to hold disability events over the next few weeks, which is great to see.  

If your University or Department hasn’t organised anything to mark Disability History Month, or if you are thinking about contributing, here are some ideas:

You don’t necessarily have to do something on the topic of access/accessibility, instead you might organise a Q & A webinar for disabled staff and students, or you could team up on a joint event with your SU or staff / student disability network.

Good topics to focus on this year are: challenges and solutions for virtual hiring, how to adapt to working or studying from home, unseen disabilities, digital inclusivity, mental health.

Another suggestion is to set aside a team meeting this month to focus on sharing good practice with your colleagues around supporting disabled students.

UKDHM runs until 18th December. For more information and to access resources relating to this year’s theme, go to

Edmund Lewis, AGCAS Disability Task Group, University of Westminster


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