Shielding and taking people at face value – Disability in the news

This article in the Guardian is an interesting read. Alex explains he is in constant pain due to a long-standing back condition yet struggles with the idea of using the term ‘disability’.   

He mentioned things that students have said to me time and again: the importance of taking people at face value, visual disabilities not being taken seriously by employers, and worrying about what others think or assume about disability.

Disability can be situational and non-permanent. Millie describes how she has never considered herself disabled…until now. Shielding during the pandemic confirmed to her that she was different from others, and that she had been shying away from her condition.

In the same way digital accessibility benefits people generally, accessibility to physical premises does too. Even in somewhere like London, lack of accessibility remains a major issue.

When spaces are made accessible for disabled people, everyone benefits

Edmund Lewis, AGCAS Disability Task Group, University of Westminster


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