Disability laws, adapted Lego, and Downing Street – Disability in the news

Danish toy manufacturer Lego have designed braille bricks. These bricks have raised bumps which correspond to characters of the braille alphabet. Lego will be making these bricks available free of charge to schools and institutions working closely with blind and visually impaired children.

These bricks are currently available in 20 countries across the World, including the UK.



Some 25 years after the Disability Discrimination Act, this BBC article considers its successor, the Equality Act 2010. Whereas some people feel the Act needs strengthening, others feel it is how the Act is used in practice within the legal system which is the issue, for example when fighting disability discrimination.


In the news, you may have heard something about the newly revamped press briefing room at 9 Downing Street, and the cost of the work.  It is interesting to watch this MP question the Prime Minister about the lack of BSL interpreters at press briefings.


Edmund Lewis, AGCAS Disability Task Group, University of Westminster


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