Why do labels cause so many barriers to employment?

Unfortunately for many of us, labels are the blockers to both how we think about ourselves and how others see us.  Sometimes labels are put upon us, causing us to adopt them as who we are because that is what we are seen as, which in turn can create a negative emotion. So how can we remove labels and provide everyone with a way of being seen for the potential and the abilities within?

One key element that everyone posesses is Talent!  We use our talents everyday to be who we are, do what we do and perform the tasks that are part of our lives.  When someone asks you, “what do you like doing?” you tend to consider the hobbies and interests that you enjoy and when they ask you “why do you like doing them?” you tend to answer, “Because they are what I am good at or make me feel good or help me to get through the day”.

When we make applications to work-based opportunities, we craft a set of words to try to define our abilities and capabilities, we try to stand out by showing what we have done or can do and in many cases try our best to create a really stand out CV that will wow the audience.  But in many cases these fail at the first hurdle.  Why, because they do not match the word search machine that sifts those documents.

So in a world where everyone is talking about diversity, equality and questioning why there are skills and talent gaps that they are struggling to fill, why do they continue to use those antequated formats that are continually hindering so many of us labelled individuals from being found and how can we as individuals drive a change to enable us to be seen for the potential that we have.

Answer: take a new approach – unlock talents that you may not have recognised in yourself but that you use habitually everyday and create a stand out, visual, SeeMe Portfolio that focuses on your real potential, no fancy words just a true picture of your abilities.

This is now the time to innovate and invigorate the new world of work through showcasing who you really are, your true ability and potential and finally get employers finding the diverse workforce they now seek for our future. 

About Naturally Talented Me:

Naturally Talented Me is a lifelong, person centric, SeeMe profiling platform, that focuses on unlocking the Natural Talents that we all possess and maps them to a whole new world of career options, giving everyone a place to showcase their true potential. We are changing the way that we uncover, see, find, and embrace new and diverse talent pools, to ensure that we provide the marketplace with work-based opportunities for all and opens a new approach to finding the right attitudes and behaviours that will be fundamental to this new world of working.

If you want to drive change then join the Naturally Talented Me revolution to stand out, be seen and found for the abilities that we all have, Talent!


Introduction to NTM for new customers and users – video

User Guide

Naturally Talented Me – How to create a stand-out SeeMe profile

Thank you to Nikki Mears (nikki@naturallytalentedme.com) for this guest post.


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