What Happens Next? 2022 (A report on the outcomes of 2019 disabled graduates)

Based on Graduate Outcomes data, What Happens Next? 2022 looks in detail at the outcomes of 2019 disabled graduates. The report has been produced annually by the AGCAS Disability Task Group for nearly 20 years.

Some key findings from the 2022 report:

  • The ongoing upward trend in the proportion of graduates from first degrees disclosing a disability continued (16.3%), with a notable increase in those with a mental health condition (mental health second most commonly disclosed disability at all qualification levels)
  • At all qualification levels, specific learning difficulties (SpLD) was the most frequently disclosed disability group, followed by mental health conditions. These two disability groups combined accounted for over 60% of all disclosed disabilities by graduates at all qualification levels.
  • Across all qualification levels and disability groups, disabled graduates were less likely to be in paid employment than those with no known disability
  • Graduates with a mental health condition were less likely to be in paid employment than nondisabled graduates and the average graduate employment rate for all disability groups, with the starkest contrast being in the lower proportion in full-time employment.
  • The lowest proportions of disabled graduates in paid employment were those with two or more conditions, blind/visually impaired graduates and those with autism (the lowest proportion in paid employment of all disability groups).

The report highlights the importance of disability-specific careers advice being available to disabled students & graduates, the role intersectionality plays in outcomes, and the need to offer individualised support in recognition of the varied and diverse challenges facing graduates across the disability groups.

The report can be downloaded here.


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