What you might have missed in 2016…

As a last minute festive treat (!) in the vein of so many TV shows this time of year, I thought I’d give a bit of a roundup of some interesting articles from a range of publications and websites that you may (or may not) have spotted this year.

So go grab a mulled wine coffee (mince pie optional) and enjoy a read…


Not more mince pies?


Mental health

HR and disability



And just to add … have a very merry Christmas break and a Happy New Year from the Disability Task Group – see you in 2017!

Claire Byron, AGCAS Disability Task Group, Newcastle University

Training course

Ready to explore autism & ADHD with a free online course?

Some of you may be interested in the following MOOC.

The University of Derby has designed a free online short course to help raise awareness and encourage communication and education about these complex conditions. The course is also endorsed by the ADHD Foundation, is free and widely available for anyone to take part in regardless of age, location or education status, but spaces are limited.

Image: ADHD Foundation

‘ADHD is one of the most common childhood conditions that can continue through adolescence and into adulthood. ADHD is thought to affect between 3-9% of school age children and young people in the UK (NICE, 2013).

Likewise, around 700,000 people in the UK are on the autism spectrum. Together with their families they make up around 2.8 million people whose lives are touched by autism in the UK alone (National Autism Society, 2016).

The exact cause of both autism and ADHD is poorly understood, and there is currently no known cure although much can be done to support people with these conditions.’

You can register online until 17 July 2016 at:



Saiyada Fazal, AGCAS Disability Task Group, University of Bath


New Year, new disability related blogs to follow?

Happy New Year AGCAS Disability Task Group blog readers!

First of all, apologies that we haven’t posted much to the blog recently. Blame the rigours of the autumn term and a bit of a rejig in membership. However one of our my resolutions is to remedy this with more regular posts in 2016…
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Thinking about our blog got me wondering which other disability related blogs readers of this particular blog find useful/interesting/challenging?

I’ve no doubt highlighted this resource before, but one blog I like to follow is levelplayingfields, from the Additional Learning Support (ALS) unit at Bournemouth University. The ALS team offer information, advice, guidance and one to one support to and for students with disabilities and specific learning differences and their friendly, chatty blog reflects what they do. They regularly post interesting careers (and non – careers) disability related articles and videos – and even the occasional tempting recipe!

Recent posts include an item from Psychology Today featuring an interview with Kathleen Nadeau, a Clinical Psychologist and International authority on ADHD, on the condition and career success. It’s well worth a read and I never would have discovered it without the ALS posting it.

If you have any more ideas for other disability related blogs that you feel fellow AGCAS DTG blog subscribers might like, feel free to add your suggestion to the comment section below (and if possible tell us why you like it).

Roll on 2016 and let the commenting commence….!

Claire Byron, AGCAS Disability Task Group, Newcastle University